Qualified Recognized Overseas Pension Schemes
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Why Transfer?

1. With a QROPs you have the ability to pass on the entire fund in the event of death without any UK inheritance tax planning. This is applicable for both spouse, Children and Spouses beneficiaries. See the link below

2. Tax Free Pension Income - If you chose a zero tax location.

3. No obligation to purchase an annuity. - As stated before an annuity cannot be passed on to your children and also with an annuity you are running the risk of a rise in the inflation rate and your annuity become worthless.

4. Tax free cash lump sum up to age 55.

5. Access to the assets and the fund within the HMRC guidelines. At lease 70% must be used for a life time pensionable income.

6. Transfer any asset including Commercial property, company shares and additional assets in the QNUPs.

7. Don Domicile Spouse - Enable your pension to be transferred to your non domiciled spouse without it being limited to £55,000. At the moment 40% tax is payable.

8. Actuarial calculations can be used to authorise higher percentage draw down. (age, health etc)

9. You have the choice of which investment currency you would like.

10. Unlimited fund selections world wide.

11. No lifetime allowance limit - There is a current maximum of
£1.8m (2010 to 2011 Tax Year, reducing to £1.5M in 2012) can be held by an individual. Any amount above can result in up to a 55% Taxation known as life time allowance charge.

12. This is applicable to any UK residents that decide to move back to the UK is the ability to make contributions without tax relief to a QNUPS. IHT protection applies from the first day, in addition there is complete investment flexibility.

13. 100% Capital Protected funds available.

How we can help - If you have lived in the years UK or you are a British expat and have contributed to a UK pension for over 7 years we can help you. You could help you transfer your UK pension into a QROPs or QNUPs tomorrow.

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